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Community Outreach

We recognize that the power of one individual to make significant change is possible, but the power of change by a group of individuals is even stronger. Real Estate Instruct has made a commitment to help various local initiatives to help the people in the communities we serve.

At RE Instruct, it is a mission of ours to give back, through various educational and financial initiatives that empower community members. Through our community outreach programs we are able to make lasting change to those that we serve.

We work directly with colleges and universities across the country and provide educational products for free or at a hugely discounted prices to promote the importance of business and financial learning. We understand that it is the responsibility of people, organizations, and institutions to provide vital resources, financial assistance, and services to improve the communities we work and live.

We’ve Been Busy

We have recently made a commitment to team up with, a veteran’s resources nonprofit, to assist in improving the lives of our veterans. The toll of battle is heavy, and we believe it our duty as citizens to help our veteran population in any way that we can. Our commitment to help servicemen is among our most prideful achievements.

This Thanksgiving we will be contributing to an initiative called “Feed the Folks” by donating money, food and resources where our contributions help serve much needed food for women, the disabled, and children. We hope to make this a company tradition for the foreseeable future as we believe the power of an amazing Thanksgiving meal can bring hope, happiness, and peace to people that need it the most. Our goal with this program is to make families that need assistance get the proper Thanksgiving meal they deserve.

We are Committed

Real Estate Instruct will always work hard to support initiatives that represent the ideals in which we believe in and stand for. We are proud to bring real help to those we believe need it the most. If there is an organization or cause that could use our help, shoot us a message and let us know.
Whether it is continued financial assistance, community service hours by our team members, or offering educational products for free, we are prepared to continue helping our partners.