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Real Estate Legal Aspects

Real Estate Legal Aspects

Real Estate Legal Aspects is an applicable real estate legal guide for real estate professionals. It is not intended to act as a replacement to legal advice from an attorney or legal counsel. The purpose of the book is to help you understand the complex and specific nature of real estate law and to help readers recognize when it is in their best interest to seek legal advice. It can also assist you in determining when you might have a potential legal issue at hand. By having the knowledge and basic understanding of potential real estate legal scenarios, real estate professionals can best protect the interests of their clients.

Case Reviews

Real Estate Law provides many case reviews to present readers with actual real-world scenarios that relate to the legal concept being described. This assists you in understanding how courts and the law in general interpret disputes and differences between the party’s involved. Case studies use actual cases already resolved in court and provide a summary of the facts, the court’s decision regarding the case, and why it was decided that way.

Citations and the name of the case are highlighted both at the top of the case review and in the case review itself. If you want to view the actual case, you can visit your counties law library. County law libraries are open to the public.

Each chapter begins with a term bank that highlights all the topics that will be covered in the chapter. The terms, while not all vital to the real estate exam, help you understand all the topics being discussed. It is important to have a general understanding of all the terms being described. Throughout the chapter you will see the terms in the term bank typed in bold so that you can easily spot the important terms being discussed.

Throughout the chapter, you will see the most important subjects relating to a specific topic. Each subject is broken down into sections and subsections which will help you recognize the various components being presented throughout the text.

Each chapter concludes with a chapter quiz. Pay attention to the chapter quizzes because they present questions which are most notable to the important subjects being covered in the chapter. Questions are all multiple choice. The ratio of easy, medium, and difficult questions are broken down similar to the California Real Estate Salesperson and Brokers exam to introduce reader’s to the same style you will find on the exam.


California Real Estate Legal Aspects is up to date as of the year 2021. While the majority of the content will remain the same even after 2021, some portions or subjects of the book will be updated online at to reflect new laws, court cases, and developments that alter the information in this book. As laws change, so too does this book. Check our website every so often throughout your real estate career to keep up with these changes.

The current book edition you have in your hands is a collection of hundreds of years of collective real estate experience. We have worked closely with some of the top real estate professionals in the field, including agents, brokers, real estate developers, mortgage specialists, bankers, and real estate attorney’s. This unique combination of skills has allowed us to create the most concise book available. While the content might be the most concise, it is also the easiest to understand. We have also worked closely with some of the world’s best editor’s whose experience working for the biggest publishing houses has allowed us to create what we believe to be the most simple real estate legal book to comprehend. For this reason, we are confident you can use this book to make the next step in your life- your real estate career- a smashing success.