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Can You Really Make Money

Real estate
Is it possible to make a ton of money in the first year of selling real estate? The simple answer is yes, it can be done, but it is not something that happens on accident or through dumb luck. We are going to go over how a newly licensed real estate agent can become successful enough to see top dollar income in their first year. 

The where is one of the most important aspects of investing into real estate. The location is key to making money in real estate. Let’s go over the brokerages and markets that will give you the best odds to make that money as a real estate agent. 

The Dream As A Real Estate Agent

When thinking about starting a career in real estate most people dream of making a ton of money in order to fund their dream of a luxurious home and lavish lifestyle that includes the distinguished neighborhood and expensive cars. 

It must have taken a tremendous amount of work to make a lot of money in real estate, such as holding open houses, driving all over looking for buyers, showing houses, posting yard signs, etc.

The Reality As A Real Estate Agent

Taking in 2016 data from the National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile, which is the latest data currently available, 68 percent of real estate agents, not brokers, that have been in business with real estate for two or fewer years typically earn $10,000 or less after the expenses and taxes. 

Looking at this data, there is obviously a gap between the dream that most individuals possess regarding the glamourous job of being in the real estate profession and the practical reality of what the business for real estate actually consists of. In order to help people from falling into the trap of only earning so little, there is a need for a sound business plan and a strategy that is created based upon facts. 


You first need to be aware of the fact that over sixty percent of buyers are millennials, so, keep them in mind in your location search. Are you buying in an area that appeals to this demographic? 

When you are buying in an area that appeals to the majority of the market, that is considered buying in a hot market. Hot markets lead to real estate prices being higher. Not to mention, the there has been a rise in the number of millennials who choose to buy rather than rent.

The number one priority when buying a house should be a methodology. The run of the mill individual moves at regular intervals, so focusing on who your purchaser may be later on will make selling it much more straightforward. You will have a lot less complex time selling assuming you purchase in a spot that is similarly interesting to the broadest pool of purchasers.

What characteristics do twenty to thirty year olds look for in an area? For Millennial purchasers, under $300,000 is the perfect balance; they likewise need great schools, advantageous drives to work, and admittance to nearby attractions.


The way that you can’t adjust the area, similarly as you can’t change the school region in which your house is found, makes it so huge (however the city can). Making schools a vital part of your home’s area, particularly when numerous twenty to thirty year olds are hoping to begin a family and need to reside in a top school locale.

Schools might be the most fundamental component in a space, especially while figuring out a neighborhood. Is there any expectation of building spic and span schools nearby? Are the schools there all around respected?

These are the sorts of inquiries you ought to present yourself, on the grounds that numerous people won’t think about buying a home in a space with poor instructive open doors.

Investing in a school district is one of the safest methods to make a real estate investment. Raleigh’s population is growing at a rate of approximately 70 people each day, resulting in overcrowding in the schools. They are developing new schools to meet customer demand, which may affect the home’s school assignment.

Investing in an excellent school district is a safe method to make a real estate investment. Period.


For the majority of house buyers, a short commute to work is the clincher.

Commute time is an issue while picking a spot, whether it’s by vehicle, bicycle, public transportation, or even walkability.

In the event that public transportation is nearby, it can raise the worth of a home.

On the off chance that you purchase a house where the city intends to assemble another train stop in a major city, you will encounter prompt worth once the train is functional. Clearly, on the off chance that you live straightforwardly on the tracks, it’s an alternate story; regardless, a short stroll to the rail line station ought to help your home’s appeal. A train station is likewise prone to present extra nearby conveniences, for example, supermarkets.

Individuals would constantly pay to save time since time is the main thing on the planet. With regards to picking a house, being inside a twenty-minute drive of work is significant. For this reason regions close to thruways, railroads, or other advantageous methods of transportation generally seem to appreciate quicker than regions further away.

The idea of having the option to walk around work, the supermarket, eateries, and other neighborhood conveniences requests to many individuals. Close to a significant thruway or public transportation is the best area for basic transportation. Commonly, living in the city is a tremendous region to walk.

Local Amenities

Exquisite facilities can be enjoyed by purchasing a home on a golf course. Neighborhood amenities straightforwardly affect the region’s real estate estimating.

Supermarkets, cafés, shopping, and amusement are probably the most pursued highlights while buying a property.

Buyers should have around a 5-to 10-minute drive to amenities in the area. In the event that the house you’re purchasing is inside a couple of miles of a large portion of these offices, it will help to build the worth of your property.

Trains and trucks

A portion of the buyers I work with make specific elements an absolute requirement while searching for a property. Certain buyers won’t consider a home except if it is inside a 10 brief drive of a particular basic food item shop.

Buyers offer expressions like “this might sound unusual, however I must be in no less than 10 minutes to a Trader Joe’s,” not realizing the way in which normal that solicitation is!

Property value

How Does Location Affect Values?

Considering the impact that location has on a property’s connecting with quality, it extraordinarily influences home assessments. A home’s location makes it profitable to will places like midtown, the air terminal, shopping, and that is just a glimpse of something larger! The better your location and the close to 100% your home will appreciate from this point forward, the closer you are to useful problem areas. Land is one thing that isn’t being conveyed in enormous sums, which is one justification for why location out and out influences property assessments. Accepting for a moment that you’re wanting to get a real estate adventure property, location will consistently be your top idea since you really want to grow worth and rentability.

The better the location, the simpler it will be to lease the home and the more cash you will actually want to make each month while additionally valuing the property. The absolute best neighborhoods to put resources into real estate in Raleigh are those with great locations yet not really high real estate costs. That is the means by which you take advantage of your venture: make a very early move while the neighborhood is simply getting everything rolling.

Factors of good location

What’s More Important Location or House?

The better the location, the simpler it will be to lease the home and the more cash you will be fit for making each month while additionally valuing the property. Probably the best neighborhoods to put resources into real estate in Raleigh are those with great locations yet not really high real estate costs. That is the manner by which you capitalize on your speculation: make a very early move while the neighborhood is simply getting everything rolling.

Assuming you’re thinking about purchasing a home beyond your optimal location, make a stride back and consider whether you’ll fulfilled live there. Oftentimes, our clients offer their homes to be ‘close’ to something. Individuals are generally propelled by their environmental factors, whether it’s school, work, or their number one home base regions. Ensure the location of the house is your primary need while purchasing a home, and you’ll be in a dynamite situation.

Lodging Reasonableness: A Mixed Bag

In 2021, generally low home loan rates went underneath 3% now and again, assisting with counterbalancing expanding posting costs. Specialists expect that both property costs and home loan rates will increase in 2022. Also, pay will vary, propagating the “uplifting news/terrible news” cycle.

Contract rates are supposed to hold at 3.3 percent in 2022, ascending to 3.6 percent before the year’s over, as per In the mean time, current home deals costs are supposed to ascend by 2.9 percent in 2022. Is there any silver lining? As per, a bettering economy (by the common signs) ought to push pay development of 3.3 percent before the year’s over.

Homebuyers ought to get their work done to find moneylenders with a decent blend of modest rates and low expenses, then apply for contract pre-endorsement — not simply pre-capability — from something like three of them, exhorts Kate Wood, a home and home loan master at NerdWallet.

“Every bank will send you a composed proposition that frames the size of a house credit you could meet all requirements for, a customized loan cost, and an outline of their costs,” she makes sense of. “Requiring the work to search around could save you many dollars in revenue every year, which can include rapidly throughout an advance.”

More Space, The New Demand

Individuals in COVID exchanged swarmed metropolitan regions for sweeping rural areas search of more space. Suburbia stay sought after, and new development homes are filling in size.

Since the beginning of COVID, the quantity of perusers of rural property postings has expanded by 42.1 percent. The size of single-family homes is moreover expanding. Since the Great Recession’s lows, the typical area for new single-family houses has move by 6.2 percent, to 2,541 square feet, as indicated by Census information and a concentrate by the National Association of Home Builders.

  1. Ron Smith, a Compass real estate specialist with Smith and Berg Partners in Brentwood, California, suggests reaching out to neighborhood homebuilders to see what projects they have just around the corner. He asserts that new built homes have more light and preferable indoor-open air stream over more established homes.


Best Place To Buy A House In US In 2022

Expected house estimation appreciation, how much available to be purchased stock, and occupation prospects were all elements in the examination. Here are the four different urban areas in the United States that are supposed to have the most sizzling real estate markets in 2022, notwithstanding Tampa.


As per Zillow, various elements will consolidate to make Tampa, Florida, perhaps the most wanted US locations for purchaser.

As per Zillow examiner Nicole Bachaud, “Tampa is expected to be the most sizzling business sector for 2022 because of a blend of factors, keeping merchants controlling everything into 2022. The city of Tampa is supposed to have a 24.6 percent increment in property costs this year, putting it at the first spot on the list. A hearty work market, somewhat restricted and rapidly moving stock, all year bright climate, and socioeconomics that foresee an enormous number of potential buyers generally added to Tampa’s prosperity.”

Assuming you’re looking for the best spot to purchase a get-away house or a long-lasting property in Florida, look no further.


Jacksonville, additionally in Florida, came in second this year as quite possibly the most well known and most noteworthy city to purchase a home.

“At the present time, the Jacksonville metro district is one of the most fascinating spots to put resources into on the grounds that it is reasonable for the two dealers and buyers,” says Lazaro Marganon, CEO of The Marganon Group in Jacksonville. “We have a sensibly serious market that isn’t detonating property costs or coming at underneath asking costs,” says the master.

Sawgrass and Fleming Island are two of my #1 locations to visit nearby.

  1. RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA Top housing market

Raleigh, North Carolina, has been drawing countless homebuyers starting around 2020, in light of the fact that to its modest cost for many everyday items and copious work choices.

“Your property will appreciate in esteem in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can wager on a solid real estate market in school towns like Raleigh,” says Daniel Osman, Head of Sale at Balance Homes.

He proceeds to say that assuming you’re hoping to purchase a rental home, Raleigh is a sure thing. “Numerous buyers will be needing to purchase homes somewhat to lease them out to vagrant understudies,” as per the report. “This implies that real estate will generally be popular, no matter what the situation with the neighborhood economy.”

All in all, Raleigh furnishes you with long haul appreciation as well as the capacity to lease your property for extra pay.

On the off chance that the city isn’t really for you, Little Washington, just shy of 2 hours from Raleigh, is perhaps the best region to purchase an ocean side property in North Carolina.


In spite of the fact that Austin bested the rundown as the most smoking real estate market in 2021, San Antonio, Texas, is projected to get a great deal of consideration this year.

“Because of compelled stock and continually expanding esteem costs, homes that are evaluated well are getting various offers,” says Gordon von Broock, a Douglas Elliman realtor. “Right now, Austin is standing out, however with San Antonio scarcely an hour away, individuals are beginning to see it.”

“As far as speculation and return, it’s an easy decision,” He would add. “The moving Texas Hill Country, alongside nearby lakes and sea shores, makes an incredible jungle gym for claiming many houses, like a New Yorker possessing a Hamptons home.”


Youthful experts observe Charlotte, North Carolina engaging because of the way that it’s a college town as well as a monetary and financial focus.

“We’re actually seeing a great deal of youthful experts and families move to North Carolina,” says Jon Enberg, Opendoor’s Charlotte General Manager. “Charlotte is seeing more interest than most Southeast metropolitan networks, with center expenses up 22% year over year – and at a more excessive expense range, with various provincial regions showing up at $450K.”

Encompassing rural areas like Fort Mill and Rock Hill toward the south, and Hunterville and Concord toward the north, are expected imminent ventures, as indicated by Jon. “They’re turning out to be progressively well known as individuals get sufficiently close to additional space and great schools.”

These ten cities are the top housing markets.

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Nashville, TN
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Orlando, FL

Now using the information above you likely have found a state and city you would like to operate in, the next step you need to take is to decide on what brokerage operation you should associate with. There are a number of firms for real estate brokerages that do not draw in attention from national surveys, like that of the  National Association of REALTORS® or Real Trends, but these smaller operations can do a good amount of business for an exclusive property in local marketplaces that can provide a great opportunity for agents. The list below includes some of these smaller brokerages and some of the bigger operations that are national and have made a large market share for this business category. 

These brokerage operations are listed by the number that is identified for million-dollar producers in order within the survey by Real Trends. 

  • Sotheby’s International Realty
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Corcoran
  • Compass
  • Alain Pinel
  • Douglas Elliman Real Estate
  • Pacific Union
  • The Agency
  • RE/Max
  • Rodeo Realty
  • Keller Williams
  • Engel & Volker

Summing It All Up

Now that you have some ideas on how to locate a business in real estate sales that could potentially make you a good amount of money, and looked at ideas for what brokers you should consider associating with, so you now have a headstart for your real estate business.

Real estate is a great business opportunity that can see you earning unlimited potential income, but it is not easy and requires a lot of hard work. If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent and need some advice on what to do, feel free to contact us!