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How to Do Well On The Real Estate Exam By Using Flashcards


Thanks to technology, the way we learn has been transformed. Flashcards are effective tools for education that help to break down new subjects, such as real estate into more basic bits of information, concepts, and terminology. Flashcards help you to commit facts to your memory with very little effort. To be able to pass the exam for real estate licensing for your state, you will need to memorize approximately 1,000 new definitions as well as concepts so that you can pass the exam. The majority of students go about this process for memorizing in a haphazard way that occurs through chance. When you use the techniques below it will help you to improve your ability to memorize what you need to know to successfully pass the real estate exam.

What Makes Flashcards Work

The way a filter works is the same way that our memories work in our minds. The majority of information is often forgotten within a minute after we see or hear it. Researchers have studied the way that memory works for more than 100 years and they have determined that one of the techniques that are the most effective for getting information into the long-term memory is called “spaced repetition”. Memorization is more effective when the information is repeated over and over, and there is time between the reflection between the repetitions.

This is why flashcards are successful. If you use them properly, flashcards will employ two mechanisms that are powerful for human memory, which are spaced timing and repetition. This process helps to move information to long-term memory from short-term memory. 

How To Create Flashcards

In order to identify the key concepts that you want to master for any specific topic or category using your notes, practice questions, or textbooks so that you can master that topic on the state real estate licensing exam. You can use a sheet of paper or a index card and write down the description of the concept you want to learn, and on the other side, you will write the name of the term that goes with that definition. 

You are ready to study after you have created your flashcards. Visualize the other side of the flashcard as you look at one side. Each individual person has a different rate for retention, but typically a person requires at least three to six repetitions over a period of several days before the information can be retained into their long-term memory. The techniques that you will see below will assist you in your retention of information.

How To Maximize Your Flashcards


For better retention, you can add pictures to your flashcards. The majority of people learn visually. A card with an image will help you remember the words if you copy or draw it.

For example, if you use a flashcard to help you remember what the definition of agent is, you could simply draw a stick figure on the card that is holding a briefcase then draw a simple house with a for sale sign. This may help you to be able to remember the description of what an agent is.

Don’t keep your flashcards in the same order, you will want to mix up their order so that you are not getting bored as when you are bored your studying is not as effective. You can put all your cards into a hat or bag and mix them up, then draw them from there as this will help you to break the routine. It also helps to make sure you are actually remembering the material itself and not just the cards in order as they appear. 

Be sure to keep your sessions for studying brief. You do not want to study for longer than 30 minutes at a time as it is not as effective for retaining information. Laboring for long periods without taking a break is not as effective as short intervals, they are the key to retention. 

The best thing about flashcards is you can carry some of them with you know matter, where you are in ways unlike the way, can with a computer or a textbook. This helps you to be able to study anywhere, such as waiting in line for groceries or other locations so that you can turn spare time into study time that is productive. 

Get rid of cards that you have already mastered from your set. When you have retained the information on the card, you can take it out of the deck you are using and focus more on the other cards that you need more repetitions on.

Is Buying Flashcards Better Than Making Them?

There are a ton of flashcards available for sale on the internet. There are even flashcard apps, electronic flashcards, and even paper flashcards that are mailed to you. When building your own flashcards it is more effective for retention, but the decks of flashcards that are created by educators in real estate are likely to be more focused on the content from the state exam. 

In order to ensure you are actually memorizing the information and facts that most likely will appear on the exam itself, it might be more beneficial to consider buying flashcards from a provider of real estate education that is recognized. But you can also write them yourself and it will help you to better memorize the topics if you know them as it will help ingrain it into your memory.


There’s an App For That

Cheatsheet applications on your telephone can assist you with concentrating in a hurry at whatever point you have a couple extra of moments. Exploit it during your drive (on the off chance that you take the train), while you’re holding up in line, or at whatever point you wind up looking at your telephone.

Popular Flashcard Study Application

  • Studyblue

Crowdsourced study materials are available in this app. Besides creating your own flashcards, you can also publish and share flashcards created by others. You can make your own tests and work without WiFi with the free adaptation of the application accessible for iPhone and Android.

Likewise, this application permits you to make and share cheat sheets, which they call “concentrate on sets.” You can likewise add pictures from their library to help with remembrance and understanding. For those of you who lean toward PCs, you can make your cheat sheets on your PC and view them on your telephone when you’re in a hurry.

It’s something wonderful to grasp a piece of paper while you’re examining, and Cram can help. There is a work area and versatile adaptation of their cheat sheet administration, however you can likewise print cheat sheets assuming that is more straightforward.

Utilize a Real Estate Exam Preparation Tool

You will acquire information and abilities in your real estate pre-authorizing course that will set you up for your future vocation in real estate, however a real estate exam prep help will set you up for breezing through the real estate permitting examination. Real Estate Exam Prep Master accessible online is one advantageous choice. 

You can pick between three different learning styles with this real estate exam prep instrument. There are three distinct convenient choices you can browse:

  • Coach Format

Each question is responded to following it is asked, and each answer is made sense of exhaustively.

  • Power Format

This style is meant to best mimic the official state exam conditions. The responses aren’t shown for the rest of the tests and the discourse doesn’t come while you’re responding to the inquiries.

  • Pace Format

As you progress through the exam, you will observe that the pace increments. If you have any desire to figure out how to step through exams quicker, this may be useful to you


What’s more, this application permits you to make and share cheat sheets, which they call “concentrate on sets.” You can likewise add pictures from their library to help with remembrance and cognizance. For those of you who lean toward PCs, you can make your cheat sheets on your PC and view them on your telephone when you’re in a hurry.


It’s something lovely to grasp a piece of paper while you’re considering, and Cram can help. There is a work area and portable adaptation of their cheat sheet administration, yet you can likewise print cheat sheets assuming that is more straightforward.

Introduce a Distraction Blocker on Your Computer

Assuming you find it challenging to zero in while you’re on your PC, introduce a program that will briefly impede sites so you can work. We as a whole realize there are only a few destinations that sit around idly — whether it’s tests, sports updates or virtual entertainment. Instruments like Cold Turkey and FocusMe will shut out your preferred sites for a set timeframe. You can set a week by week repeating block assuming you really want a great deal of help being focused. That way you realize you will not have the option to actually take a look at your virtual entertainment at a specific time every day or week!

Center With A Timer

It could assist you with battling through interruptions or mental haze assuming that you set a timer to substitute times of extraordinary concentration and rest.

The Pomodoro technique for using time productively is among the most well known time usage strategies. A 25-minute time of concentrated focus followed by a five-minute break is the premise of this technique. This whole timeframe is known as a Pomodoro. After the fourth set or Pomodoro of studying, take a 15-minute break. Utilizing a device can permit you to set a Pomodoro timer, or you can make your own by altering the settings.

Establish Study Goals

Set your goals in advance in order to get the most out of your study time. It may be a goal to work through a certain amount of material in a certain session or to be focused and attentive when studying at your workspace. You might want to give yourself a moment to reflect on how well you accomplished your goals for this study session and make some new ones for your next session. 

Thinking About Taking The Real Estate Exam?

Looking into education for pre-licensing before taking the exam can help set you up for success. If you have already started to study, then you can check out these other articles on our site for tips and techniques.